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       After the ordeal with Terminus was over the four demigods began their descent into Camp Jupiter by rope ladder. Or at least Annabeth, Piper and Leo did, Jason was out of patience (which was saying a lot) so he just jumped and let the wind carry him down to his home. Annabeth got off the ladder, scanned the crowd from the new angle and found Percy again.
      He was still with his new friends and she now noticed that he had a Roman tattoo on his forearm; it looked exactly like Jason's except it only featured one line and a trident where Jason's eagle was. He looked over and they locked eyes, she could see it, the look he always used to have when he looked at her, he remembered.
      He said something to his friends and then he bolted in her direction. Annabeth ran too, the crowd parted like they expected a fight but they all gasped when Percy Jackson, the mighty slayer of Polybotes, retriever of the eagle and hero of Rome, embraced a Greek girl who had just flown into camp with their former praetor.
      They stood there for a good thirty seconds before Annabeth, tears streaking down her face pulled away and said, "Hey seaweed brain, you had me worried."
      They kissed, a good long kiss that had been delayed for too long. Then someone behind them cleared their thought. They broke apart reluctantly to find Percy's new friends standing right behind him.
      "I'm sorry," the girl said "but I have to ask, seaweed brain?"
      "It's just one of those names that you can never seem to get rid of." Percy chuckled. "I believe introductions are in order. Hazel, Frank, this is my Girlfriend Annabeth. Annabeth, this is Hazel and Frank, we just finished a quest to unleash death together.
      "What happened to death?" Annabeth asked.
      "He got chained to a glacier in Alaska." Said Frank matter of factly.
      Annabeth's eyes snapped back to Percy, "Well your life certainly didn't get boring."
      "If you don't count the months I spent in a magical coma," he replied, "then it actually got more interesting."
      "Well," said a brunette girl who wore the marks of a praetor, "This is all good but I think we need to explain what is happening to the rest of the legion before they decide to kill your joker friend."
I read the sneak peek again and thought I'd try making my own start to chapter 2, how'd I do? Be honest, just not mean.

I OWN NOTHING! The characters and setting belong to Rick Riordan.
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babyelove Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
yeah your right it sort of sounds like the one I did... though I didn't read it until you did the link so guess it's a coincidence
MJTism Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I read yours just now and they are similar... NO COPYING HERE THOUGH!
stinafelix Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
joker friend...leo right? :) this is good! :D
MJTism Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ya Leo, thanks.
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